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FlickrPaper is an easy-to-use way to dynamically create web-based slideshows from your flickr account. Create whole slideshows with only one line of html.

FlickrPaper is a webapp developed using ASP.NET/C#.

Related Projects
FlickrPaper uses the FlickrNet API project, also hosted on CodePlex.

As a web app, there is no real "release". Releases are zipped copies of the source code at a "mostly stable" stage - to be installed on a web server, either as a stand alone project or incorporated into your existing project.



  • Images, by default, will 'best fit' to the browser window
  • Retrieves exif data for photos (camera make, model, datetime, shutter speed, etc...)
  • Easily iFramed
  • Accepts a flickr set id
  • Using tags allows for "dynamic slideshows". (e.g. Let me show you pictures from my travels, or just travelling to Maine, or just travelling to Maine in the Summer/Winter, etc..)
  • May be used with keyboard arrow keys.

Screen Shot

Future Releases

These will also be documented in the Issue Tracker

  • This is the result of a late-night caffeine fueled hack-marathon.... the code is in desperate need of refactoring
  • Doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer
  • Exif data should be pulled down in the same call as the image retrieval
  • When the user is viewing a given photo, next and previous images should be downloading asynchronously.

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